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NEW Product : 20 times thicker than paint (will not fade over time)
Let's take a closer look at the product features:

Technical name: Stone Mineral Plaster. It is a decorative acrylic co-polymer granite-marble based coating material.
 Silkcoat Stone can be easily applied on a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces, concrete, brick, plaster, concrete finishes, wood and similar surfaces except metal and glass.
 Specially formulated adhesive provides maximum protection against the effects of water, snow, rain, and harmful rays of sun.
 Furthermore, it is breathable and flexible.
SILKCOAT, consisting of the words (Silk) (Coat), was established in 1993 in Europe. Silkcoat has become a well-known trademark in over 20 countries from Australia to Morocco. Now JCC General Contractor company is an authorized distributor and plaster/stucco contractor in the U.S.A of Silkcoat Stone

Silkcoat Stone is made of quality crushed granite and marble and 100% natural / environmentally friendly.
The international certificates for the product related with health, heat-sound isolation, fire resistance etc. have been completed.

For more information "how to apply" please call us or submit the "contact us" form.
 However we don't recommend "to do it yourself" and offer to let us do the whole application from start to finish.
 Training of applying Mineral Plaster is available upon request.
 We are able and willing to accept the project anywhere in the U.S.A.
 You will be really amazed how Silkcoat Stone mineral plaster looks on your building.
It is a guarantee!
Note: We offer full service from ordering the product all the way to final touch ups.
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